Your Own Custom Fragrance Blend

Picture yourself entering a room exuding confidence.
 You have a signature scent, you OWN your fragrance--no one else in the world smells like you.
It is not strong or overpowering, but subtle, like a soft flute playing a melody of fragrant notes in the background.
Relaxing the mind and body.
Opening the heart.                                             
You have attained the pinnacle of honoring yourself.
 Your personal fragrance has been designed to perfectly blend with your body’s chemistry, so it becomes more than just something you wear.
 It becomes an extension of you.
Sound intriguing?
 Could it really be possible?
Could I really unveil my authentic energy and personality through fragrance?

" Essential oils contain the mystery of Life…powerful inexplicable energies.  Plants are the interface between cosmic energies and the earth… as the essential oils are blended together, their colors glow, their voices sing…"  Valerie Worwood, The Fragrant Heavens

Ready to commission your own custom perfume?

Embrace  a finer, more personalized shopping experience, connecting back to an ancient and revered art.  
I use only the finest ingredients, pure essential oils and absolutes (no synthetics) and the end product will have a much higher concentration than what you get in department stores, which can be as much as 90 percent alcohol.

How is it personalized?
 I  intuitively blend the psychology of scent with its healing properties.  I also consider your personality and expression of energy.
And then you get to sample them, just to be sure!

How do I get started?
Schedule an appointment  where we will work together to design a fragrance just for you.
v First, I will email you a scent survey in order to determine your favorite fragrances, aromatic alignment, and personality profile.
v After viewing the results, I will arrange a meeting with you to get an idea of what sort of fragrance you have in mind. Most of the time we can take care of this in 60-90 minutes. Imagine yourself experiencing many rare and exotic oils and other blends as we begin our journey of fragrance. 

v I have a palette of over 160 individual oils to choose from and over 100 intuitively created blends.
v Once we have determined your preferences, I will design three different fragrance options for sampling.
v Spend a week or two testing them out, wearing them around, and getting feedback from your friends and family.
v See how the scents develop over time, and wear on your skin.
v If you like one, you’re done! However, if you decide the fragrance needs more work, I will revise and edit from there until you have the fragrance you want.
v I don’t stop until we have the ideal fragrance for you.

You will receive a full ounce of your custom blend with its own unique name.  You will be given the formula in case you want to make your own, plus I will have it on file.

There are only a handful of people in the world that do this kind of consultation.  Their prices are in the $250-$350 range.
 I am offering this for ONLY $248.
Contact me for details...801-391-6285 or

P.S.  It makes a PERFECT gift…personal and one-of-a-kind.

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