Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Desert Cathedral

Deep in the backcountry of Escalante River in Utah there is a cathedral carved in stone by wind and water.  Now under Lake Powell, but there are many remembrances of its majesty and inspiration.  This blend was formulated to lessen negative thoughts and increase spiritual awareness. Includes oils traditionally used by the native peoples of Arabia, India, and North America for enhancing spirituality, prayer, meditation, and inner awareness. It encourages a feeling of being wrapped in a cocoon of spiritual quietness. Dilute for use as perfume or to anoint Ether or Earth Toes. 

 Contains: frankincense, myrrh, cedar, spruce, Rosewood, sandalwood, red myrtle

10 ml=$17, $33

Stones:  Picture Jasper, Poppy Jasper

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