Things I Wish my DoTerra Distributor Knew

In recent years, DoTerra has surged to the forefront of the Aromatherapy Network marketing niche.  Someone in the higher ups has some phenomenal marketing skills. They have "borrowed" ideas from Young Living's Gary Young.  I have no problem with this.  There are countless companies with "knock off" versions of Young Living blends (including me).  The problem I have is with safety issues.  I have addressed this somewhat in my Page entitled "Sensitization--VeryImportant".  The consultants are poorly trained, if at all.  I was able to go online and take their "certification" course and get certified in about 20 minutes, just answering a few questions, without having even taken their "training" courses. Most having not to do with Aromatherapy, but with Multi-Level marketing.

Their "Product Guide" is full of inaccuracies and misleading information. For example, on page 22, it shows someone dropping undiluted oils on someone's back.  This is a BIG no-no and a very dangerous practice.  Whoever does this could open themselves up to lawsuits.  In several places, we are encouraged to drop the oils on our tongue!  This is another big no-no. Again refer to my article on Sensitization.

Their "top seller" is blend called "Slim N Sassy", called a Metabolic blend.  The ingredients are fairly straight forward, but ginger and cinnamon are considered high sensitizers.  We are encouraged to add 8 drops of the undiluted blend to a 16 oz. glass of water and to use 25 drops per day.  This is way overkill and potentially dangerous. Oils are very powerful and one drop is enough to flavor 32-64 oz.  More is not better.  At the suggested rate, a person would go through a 15 ml bottle of oil every 10 days!  This would translate to nearly $75 - $99 a month! 

The truth is, a person would lose weight and have their appetite suppressed by drinking a full glass of water before each meal anyway. At any rate, 1 drop per quart is plenty!

If you use essential oils (any brand), knowledge is paramount.  I have been studying and using them way before Young Living and certainly way before DoTerra. 

What else can you do? Educate yourself.  I have been reading, studying and attending workshops for over 30 years on this subject.  I distill some of my own oils, I formulate my own blends using inspiration, knowledge and intuition and still am just "a beginner".  Don't rely on someone who has been selling oils for a couple of years. Also read my page entitled "DoTerra and Therapeutic Grade?"

(Note:  Since I wrote the above material in 2014, doTerra has revamped much of their promotional material.  Hopefully, the safety concerns will filter down to their distributors.)

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