Meditation Is An Adventure

 Meditation is attempting to create stillness and peace in the mind beyond the usual chatter and clutter that usually fills it.  That is not to say it is about nothing.  Rather, it is about everything.  Fragrance provides something spiritual to focus on.  It is important that the aroma evoke no memory, for that will flood the mind and defeat the purpose. Although you have your favorite perfumes or fragrances for daily life, they are not the ones to use now.  For spiritual purposes, choose something new and different that can lift you from your ordinary existence into the realm of the Spiritual to assist in Prayer. Its purpose is to inform the mind it is time to be still and quiet and focus on important things and the joy of being alive…time to be at peace.  

Some suggested blends for this purpose are:  Desert Cathedral,   Sitalpu,  Anasazi,  Angel's Landing, Classic Maya,  Kaibab Canyon,   Kayenta,  Kiva Dream,   Mesa Verde,  Navajo Mountain,  Power of Heaven,  Sacred Splendor, Symphony,  Walk Softly,  Toroweap,  Ocean Jasper,  Circle of Light,  Twelve Tribes,  Captivating, or any of the Chakra blends. For those that like to walk through the woods, perhaps try Into The Woods,   Spruce Mesa,  Pine Creek,  Timberline,  Wood Badge,  or Yellowstone,
 If you feel attracted to the Florals, try  Rose Quartz,  TropicalTrail,  or Twelve Flowers,

There are many ways to use blends in meditation.  Diffusing is a very effective way, either in an ultrasonic nebulizer, on a terra cotta pendant,  or a candle warmer.  Add a few drops to a bath oil.  Put a drop or two on a vision dream pillow, somewhere away from the eyes.  When praying, place the palms of your hands together, put one drop on one palm, rub together and inhale.
Change your blend as often as you wish.  Each one will be special in its own way.  Using essential oils helps bring more vivid colors, clarity and focus.  Aroma during meditation can bring forth cellular or genetic memory--scenes and pictures from our past or from times and places that are unrelated to our present life.

Meditation is not about taking a rest, but taking an adventure!

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