Recommended Aromatherapy Books

1.     "The Fragrant Heavens" by Valerie Worwood also known as Aromatherapy for the Soul
2.     The Fragrant Mind by Valerie Worwood
4.     Discovering Your Magnificence by Vae Ellis Dansie  (out of print)
5.     Aromatherapy--Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay   
6.     The Practice of Aromatherapy by Jean Valnet
7.  The Complete Aromatherapy Handbook by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi
8.  The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julie Lawless  
9.  Aromatherapy Workbook by Marcel Labavre
10.  Natural Home Health Care by Dr. Daniel Penoel
11.  Advanced Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt
12.  Portraits in Oils by Philippe Mailhebrieu
13.  The Aromatherapy Practitioner's Manual (2 volumes) by Sylla Shepard-Hanger

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