Monday, December 15, 2008

Horse Whisper


My intention was to create a blend that would be pleasant for horses, nothing too spicy or strong. (Don’t want the horses nibbling you too much) I reviewed the oils, chose a few mostly from the gamut of fruit, seed, herb and wood.  Hopefully, this will help in whispering to horses and even smells good to humans, too!   Sparkling, yet comfortably mellow. Dilute for skin care on humans or horses.  Rub some on your hands before working with your horse, letting him smell it. Use as a relaxant or as positive reinforcement. Wear on a terra cotta pendant. Available full strength or already diluted with coconut oil.  

 Contains:  Carrot seed, seabuckthorn, rose otto, geranium, pine, amyris,  Kafir Lime Petitgrain, lavender, opopanax, rosewood, Scotch pine

10 ml=$16, $28
(Photo by Teisha Preece )

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