Chakra Blends

These are blends created intuitively and blended with Love and Quantum Touch Energy for work on each of the Chakras. However, they are each great fragrances in their own right and can be used by themselves or layered with another blend. They are available in 2 ml samples=$5 (in either clear or amber bottles).  They are also available in a Dream Packer Kit, which includes the 7 Chakra blends plus 2 other blends of your choice in a convenient packer.  The price is: $60 which includes shipping and an instruction booklet.  

 15 ml bottles with 50% fractionated coconut oil or jojoba are the listed price. Those are brown glass bottles with orifice reducer caps. Special discounts are available for practitioners (massage therapists, energy workers, life coaches, foot zoners, etc.) when buying larger quantities. They can also be bottled with droppers for your convenience.

Sahasrara (Crown ) (7th). Highest spiritual energy/Transcendent. Encourages Security, Compassion, Balance,, Clarity, Comfort, Acceptance, Inner peace, Relaxation, Especially good for meditation, visualization. Insights into memories. Energizes the auric field, incorporating heavenly energies into the physical. Lifts any veil of despair. Mellow, subtle, but powerful, seems to stretch out into the universe to connect with divine presence. Opens us to know that we have a destiny of goodness to fulfill. Gives strength and purification to focus & move forward to find spiritual peace. Use as massage oil, perfume points or to anoint the Ether Toes or chakra points of the feet.

Contains; Lavender, sandalwood, yuzu, rose, cistus, frankincense, Neroli, rosemary, spearmint, Elemi 

15 ml=$32

Ajna--(Brow) (6th ). Inner sight/intuition… opens instincts, especially to know if something is right. Quiet knowing and Understanding of greater things on heaven and earth, than can be seen with eyes. Seems to open the soul to unseen positive energies that affect our life. Encourages dreams & experiences that expand ability to see others’ points of view and help see through mists that may cloud understanding. A special awareness & empathy that transcends description--seems to vibrate at an astonishing level. Exquisite aid for meditation and emotional clearing. Anoint the forehead or chakra points on the feet. Use for respiratory problems, dilute further and massage into the back.

Contains: Sandalwood, Muhuhu,  Eucalyptus staigeriana, Amyris, Pine, linden blossom, clary sage, helichrysum, rosemary verbone, blue tansy, Opopanax
15 ml=$30

Visudda (Throat ) (5th ). Communication, sound, purification. Subtle, yet powerful blend. Courage to speak out the truth, but with an undercurrent of sensitivity, serenity & comfort. Inspires confidence, stability and security.  Enhances listening abilities and helps to “sense” the intentions of others. Helps convey an air of assurance, clarity, eloquence and equilibrium. In addition, has many physical benefits—May help with headaches, allergies and respiratory problems. A great all-around blend. Use for perfume, to anoint the throat, Air Toe or on chakra points of the feet. Do NOT wear on skin that will be exposed to sunlight. (Can be made with FCF Bergamot if this is a problem)

Contains: Bergamot,  sandalwood, blue cypress, geranium, Roman chamomile, Frankincense rivea, blue tansy, German chamomile, Rosewood, Yarrow, Tangerine
15 ml=$26

Anahata (Heart ) (4th). Compassion/Love/Touch…Radiates the energy of Devotion, Joy, Happiness, Acceptance, unconditional love. Joyful as walking through a field of roses. Bring freshness and illumination, Heal a “broken” heart, replace emptiness with Contentment. Comforts those who suffer. Touch hidden areas of ourselves that we have denied love access to. A great, balancing massage oil or perfume. Use to anoint the Fire or Water toes or chakra points.

Contains: Rosewood, Bergamot, Geranium, Cypress, Green Mandarin, Rose Otto, Frankincense , Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Blue Tansy, Mandarin
15 ml=$30

Manipura (Solar ) 3rd . Relax, unwind, untangle emotional blockages and muscle tightness. Release what no longer serves you, accept what is needed to move on to a higher state. Contains the fabulous Neroli, distilled from Orange Blossoms, which touches the realms of angels. Delightful, sparkling citrus top notes of Pink Grapefruit, Litsea, Green Lemon, Clementine, Japanese Lemon ( Yuzu.) -- that cheer and uplift. Fabulous stabilizing heart notes of Bergamot, Lemon Myrtle and Lime Petitgrain that balance and restore. Base note Patchouli, which is soothing and assuring. Topping off with a delicate bit of the incredible Golden Champaca flower. 
Use in drinking water, as a perfume, on the Fire or Water Toes or on Chakra points. Do not wear on skin that will be exposed to sunlight.
15 ml=$30

Swadisthana (Sacral )2nd. Desire, pleasure, Sexuality, Creativity,Sensuality, sunny, sense of humor, thoughtful, considerate, balanced, courageous, charismatic, but gentle. Transcend the daily battles of existence to find joyous passion and find fresh and new moments. Leave others “breathless”, but captivated. Use on fragrance points, the navel, to anoint the Water or Fire toes, or on the foot chakra points.

Contains: Blood Orange, Coriander, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vetiver, 
CinnamonVanilla, Ylang Ylang
15 ml=$26

Muladahara (Root ) (1st ). Base, Survival, Grounding. Earthy, powerful. Warms and Lifts out of depression. Encourages strength, confidence and security. Helpful and comforting for those suffering from grief, sadness, frustration, scattered thoughts. Encouraging to those trying to pick up the threads of their lives. No matter what life throws, pull through and laugh again; gain ability to live in the present and see life as an adventure. Complete the task, learn the lesson. May be used for massage or skin care, Put a drop or two with a carrier oil. Use to anoint the Earth toes or chakra points.

Contains: White Grapefruit, Virginia 
CedarCardamom, Juniper, Rosewood, Patchouli, Turkish sage, sandalwood, Vetiver, cistus, Canadian cedar, helichrysum, guaicwood, cinnamon leaf
15 ml=$26

8th Chakra…Higher Self (archetype) 

Arm's length above Head
Lesson: Integrate the Self
Focus:  Detachment, Staying in present moment, Ability to recognize Illusions, Acceptance of Intuitive Guidance
Color(s):  Silver, White
Essential oils:   Anasazi, Angel Essence, Desert Cathedral, Circle of Light, Kachina, Kiva Dream, Navajo Mountain, Point Sublime, Power of Heaven, Time Catcher, Zuni
Single Stones:   Quartz Crystal, Angelite, Diamond
Sense:  Symbolic Sight

 Achieving an archetypal overview of your personal life empowers to deal with everyday life.  Can hone in on the emotions or tendencies that need attention.   Detach from the hurt or grief, find wisdom out of that injury and see it as part of a Sacred Contract.  Physical wounds need to be transformed into spiritual passageways, converting the experience into symbolic purpose.
Chakras tell us how to manage power.  Can determine where problems lie and how to address them.
8th chakra calls us to find God.  Seeking highest potential. Life as a spiritual journey disguised as a physical experience.
This chakra is also used in Heart Point Streaming Technique to aid in ascertaining the "stories".  The wisdom of the whole universe waiting to be called forth. It's connected to Divine Energy Source at all times.  Here to channel down as much Divine Light as possible.  A magnet to call forth information, whatever healing help is needed.