Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Especially for upper respiratory problems—diffuse in the air or wear on a diffuser pendant. Smells refreshingly wonderful-- can be used as a sky blend, too.  Impacts a broad spectrum of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
 Ideal for chest and sinus congestion, and even averting an asthma attack. This one is a favorite around our place for its effectiveness and wonderful fragrance.  
Contains: ravensara, eucalyptus radiata, eucalyptus Globulus, birch, lemonpeppermint, lemon myrtle, rosemarycypress

 10 ml=$12 undiluted only



 Formulated to protect the body from flu, colds, viruses, bacteria.  These spices were supposedly used by the thieves in England to protect from the plague while bodies were robbed.  Diffuse or dilute and use on feet.Very potent!! Use caution. Dilute before any application. Dilute by at least 75% with olive oil to use on dental floss for that extra Pirate-power.  Add a few drops to hand soap.  Use a drop of the diluted oil on a paper towel to wipe on your cast iron cookware and Dutch ovens after you have cleaned them with hot water...  Anti-septic and deodorizing. 

 Contains: Clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata, rosemary, nutmeg, gingerthyme, oregano, Wild orange

10ML=$12, $18

This one takes DoTerra's On Guard and revs it up several notches with the additional essential oils (including Oregano) that add a broader spectrum of healing properties and about 40% less expensive.  When you dilute it for application, it goes even further.  It is also similar to Young Living's Thieves.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tomahawk (Purify)

This one’s a powerful weapon. Formulated for killing odors, bacteria, molds.  Extremely antiseptic and cleansing. Add a few drops to your hand soap.   Diffuse for purification and air cleansing.  Helps to repels bugs/insects when diluted for skin application. Dilute to 5%.  Has been known to neutralize poisons from insect bites. (especially wasp stings). This is one I like to ALWAYS carry with me, especially in the summer for those bee or wasp stings.  It is AMAZING on them, especially when applied within the first two minutes.  For this purpose only, I use it neat! 

Contains: citronella, lemongrass, lavender, tea tree, basillemon, myrtle, rosemary.
10ML=$12 undiluted only

(Compare to DoTerra's Purify or Young Living's Purification.)