Monday, December 15, 2008

Navajo Mountain

[Naatsis'áán, meaning Head of the Earth] straddles the Arizona-Utah border. The rugged nature of the land here and the fact that the Mountain provides a natural shield, allowed a small band of Navajos to find a safe haven here when many of their fellow tribesmen were removed in 1864. I created this blend to help promote restful sleep, encourage meditation, and sensitivity to atmospheres. It is an intriguing, pleasant fragrance. Especially for use on a diffuser pendant.  Put a drop on your pillow.  Dilute well for use on feet, wrists and especially the Ether Toe to help connect with your true path.

 Contains: nutmeg, frankincense, clary sage, Ylang ylang, peppermint, spike nard, cinnamon.

10 ml=$15, $29

Stones:  Turquoise, Amber, Pietersite, Crazy Lace Agate, Wood Agate

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