Friday, January 25, 2013

Rain Cove

Especially created for diffusing and help for respiratory problems and colds.  Also can be used on the feet and toes for “refreshment”. (Dilute for this purpose.) Has been known to assist in dissolving bone spurs.  

Wonderful combination of 4 kinds of eucalyptus, spruce, marjoram, cajeput, cypress, peppermint, pine, lemon tea tree, myrtle, spearmint

10 ml=$14, undiluted only  

Outback Blue

Unique blend of oils from Australia.  Mainly for physical healing.  Anti-septic, anti-bacterial, intended for diffusing, inhalation and air cleansing, especially during winter months.  Use for fatigue, throat infections, general respiratory relief, insect repellent, skin rash and irritations, shingles, cold sores, insect bites. Dilute with appropriate carrier oil before using on skin.

 Contains:  Blue cypress, Kunzea, Australian Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle, Lemon Tea Tree, Eucalyptus dives, Rosalina, Nerolina

10 ml= $9, $16


North Coyote Buttes Cairn to the Wave

Provides a protective and cleansing barrier against skin challenges. Formulated for cuts, scrapes, bruises.   Also for cleansing the air through diffusion. A fabulous source of oils high in antiseptic action.  If using directly on the skin, dilute with appropriate carrier oil.  Do not apply directly to broken skin.

 Contains:  Rosewood, Tea Tree, Niaouli, Rosemary, clove, Thyme, Linalol, Lemon Tea Tree

10ML=$8, $15

High Rain

Created especially for head and neck imbalances and pain.  The name rhymes with Migraine. Has a myriad of physical benefits including: Muscle spasms, Insect bites, muscular aches, bronchitis, colds, coughs. It is anti-spasmodic, restorative (for nerves and adrenal cortex)and contains oils extremely high in antimicrobial activity.   Has a myriad of emotional benefits including help with: Mental fatigue. Great for diffusing.  Dilute well before massage.  Use on feet and toes, back or wrists.

Contains: Basil, Peppermint, Marjoram, Lavender, Roman chamomile, Wild Orange, Lemon, Rosemary, Helichrysum, Rose

10 ml=$12, $22

Eucalyptus Grove

 Fly to warmer and more tropical climates.  Venture into a fragrant, eucalyptus grove, but with a diversity of healing woods, leaves, and herbs.  Especially good for diffusing with a focus on respiratory problems. Many components for antiseptic properties and healing. May be used on the skin, but dilute with appropriate carrier oil and limit to feet and spine.

Contains:   4 kinds of eucalyptus, ravensara, Fennel, lemon, birch, coriander, petitgrain, yarrow, cardamom, Clary sage, blue tansy, Rosemary, marjoram, cypress, juniper, rosewood, sandalwood

10 ml=$10, $18


This one is a detoxifier, helping with fluid retention and lymphatic congestion. Dilute well and use for massage in areas of congestion, especially good for the feet and legs.

 Because of the lemon, Do not use on skin that will be exposed to sunlight.   If this is a problem, it can be made without the lemon.

 Contains:  Cypress, Grapefruit, Juniper, Lemon, Basil

10ml=$7, $12 

Dark Horse

A dark horse is a little-known or unlikely person or thing that emerges to prominence.      This blend seems unlikely, but  seems to offer strength and energetic protection to those who need it.  Helps those who are feeling vulnerable and insecure or who have lost their purpose. Designed to support releasing addictions or dissolving anger barriers. Use for emotional stability, courage, acceptance, confidence and persistence.  Use on a diffuser pendant.
 Dilute well and use sparingly on feet or spine. Use for anointing Earth or Ether Toes.   
Contains: geranium, roman chamomile, carrot seed, clary sage, rosemary, fennel, blue tansy, German chamomile

10 ml=$11, $20

Companion Stones:  Black Jasper, Dark Horse Agate, Onyx, Flint, Black Tourmaline

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Serenity's Child

Created for expectant mothers and babies. Comforting, soothing, relaxing both physically and emotionally.    Be sure and dilute. Combine with olive oil for fabulous skin care.    Assists with dermatitis, acne, broken capillaries, oily skin, rashes, congested and mature skin, scaly, chapped and flaky skin.   Enhance youthful appearance of skin and assist skin elasticity.  It is anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, calming and re-establishes the balance of the skin.   Wear as a perfume or cologne.

Contains:  palmarosa, rosewood, geranium, ylang ylang, lavender, sandalwood, rose, chamomile

10 ml=$12, $23

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Mesa Verde


Photo by Tristan Nelson, Mesa Verde NP

Spanish for "green table" rising high above the surrounding Colorado country. This is a refreshing Sky blend as mysterious as the people that once inhabited this area.

  Clarifies and focuses, brings a sharpening of the mind, a connection, and a healing of the spirit, soul and body.

 Opens up with the top notes of evergreens and sparkling lime and mandarin.  Then mellows out as it expands in the warmth of the desert highland woods, and settles in with base notes of Frankincense and Patchouli.

 Great to use while studying, meditating or contemplating. Concentrate on a specific task without becoming distracted, frustrated, or upset. Enables deeper meditations and spiritual cleansing. Allows us to look into our past while looking forward to the future in strength of heart.

 Anti-depressive and antiseptic.

 Diffuse or use on a terra cotta pendant. Use on wrists, perfume pulse points or to anoint the Air Toes. Do not put on skin that will be exposed to sunlight.

 Contains:   Lime, Amyris, Muhuhu (African Sandalwood), Ylang Ylang, Silver Fir, Roman Chamomile, Canadian Spruce, Green Mandarin, Frankincense, Himalayan Cedar,  Juniper, Blue Tansy, Patchouli

10 ml=$14, $26

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 If you can only get one blend, this is the one.  Created from the Top 15 oils, runs the entire spectrum of healing components.  Can aid with balancing emotions, ease overwhelm, banish procrastination.    When in doubt, reach for the Top Weapon.  For Colds, flu, aches and pains.  Powerful anti-septic, anti fungal, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory.  Diffuse in the air for high powered ammunition. Wear on a terra cotta pendant. Or dilute with appropriate carrier oil before using for massage on back or feet, especially the toes. 

Contains:  Lavender, Lemon, Black SpruceCopaiba  Rosewood  Cypress, FrankincenseGrapefruitPeppermint   Eucalyptus Dives, Tea Tree  Roman Chamomile,  Oregano, Blue Tansy, Clove

10 ML= 13, $24


 Citrine is a golden variety of crystalline quartz with a myriad of mystical properties. Even if you don't have the stone, you can imagine its glowing freshness.  Blend was created to provide a sense of stability, add energy and emotional balance,  a rational approach towards things, grounding to the here and now.  Break up old patterns of thoughts and habits. Promotes intuition, mental clarity, confidence, and will power. Diffuse, wear on a diffuser pendant or add a drop to a quart of water to aid in releasing addictions and calming stomach, especially related to overeating. Not recommended for use on the skin.

Contains:  GrapefruitLemon,  Ginger, Cinnamon Leaf, Peppermint , Vanilla

10 ml=8, $14

"I am loving this my water, in my smoothies.  Yes, it sparkles."~~~~Judy