Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sacred Splendor

  Sometimes, I create a blend, then find a suitable name. Sometimes, I come across a fantastic name and then create the blend.  This is a case where I heard the name in a Church lesson and then thought....I just have to create a blend by that name.
            Truly a transcendent blend. May help to relax and release abuse or trauma.  Offers a warm hand of comfort, opening memories and healing pain with an uplifting joy.  Wipes away inner tears of a troubled spirit.  Brings newness and regeneration. Amazing Sky Blend to use on its own or layer with other blends for unique synergies. (suggested to layer with Kachina, Deep River, Red Jasper or Sunset Canyon....the possibilities are endless...depending on each individual situation or need.) Remarkable as a massage oil or perfume. Be sure and dilute for any use. 

Contains:  ylang-ylang, geranium, lavender, orange, cedar, rose otto, blue tansy, copaiba balsam

10 ml = $22
( Banff NP, Canada)

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