Friday, December 28, 2012

Five Powers Balm

Inspired by Wintercrest Magic Balm, except it is "milder" to the senses. It is unique in that it has only essential oils, rather than components like camphor and menthol.   It utilizes those components as they naturally occur.   Used for pain relief and healing.  I developed this when working on my husband's knee surgery.  Seemed to help greatly.  His knee is healing "way ahead of schedule" and "phenomenally".
This one is strong. Keep away from mucus membranes and eyes.   Dilute further with a carrier oil for massage on small areas or feet.  Can be used prior to exercise or after.  Versatile.

 Contains: the Earth elements of Palo Santo and Tansy; Water elements of White Thyme  and German Chamomile;  Fire elements of Clove and Cinnamon; Air elements of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Spearmint; Spirit (Ether) elements of Birch, Copaiba and Rosemary in a base of Jojoba oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Pine Rosin, Olive Oil and Bees Wax.  2 ounce jar, $23.  May also be purchased as a roll on in a base of 50 % fractionated coconut oil.  10 ML, $15.

"This Five Powers Balm is INCREDIBLE for pain relief. I recently used it on a muscle ache in my hip/lower back. Felt so good I've also used it on my neck to help relieve tension headaches...Chelsea"

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wild At Heart

An amazing Heart and Wood blend  originally created by Aaron, but tweaked a little by me. Transports to the wilderness and woods, but with mellow and sweet notes. Uplifting, yet grounding.   Great blend for  emotional support. I LOVE this blend and can't get enough of it these days.  Use on Fire, Earth or Water Toes.  Be sure and dilute for any use.  Do not use on skin that will be exposed to sunlight.

 Contains: Canadian spruce, African sandalwood, Texas and Himalayan cedars, cinnamon leaf, copaiba, Wild orange and clove.

10 ml=$13, $25

Photo by Aaron Preece

Ocean Jasper


The ocean jasper had to be complex blend featuring all its amazing colors and components-- Brings to mind gentle, slightly salty ocean breezes and sea side air. This one’s meant for dilution as massage oil and wearing as fragrance for peace of mind, patience, stability, meditation. Uplifting, balancing, refreshing, clarifying, supremely anti-infectious infused with aromatic anti-oxidants.  Initiates the color spectrums of blue-green, interfacing between the mountain woodlands and the sea.

  Distinctive base notes of Seabuckthorn, Ledum (the unusual and unique “Greenland Moss”)  and Seaweed. Woody heart notes of Juniper and a touch of the tropical Massoia Bark.  Great by itself, or layered under a Sky Blend.  Very nice layered with Red Jasper.  Can be used on any toe or for whole foot massage. Dilute of course, and do not use on skin that will be exposed to sunlight.

Also Contains: Green Mandarin, Lemon, Blue Cypress, Ylang Ylang, Lavindin, Lavender, Yuzu, White Grapefruit, Black Pine and Blue Tansy

10 ml=$22, $43