Tuesday, January 1, 2013


 Citrine is a golden variety of crystalline quartz with a myriad of mystical properties. Even if you don't have the stone, you can imagine its glowing freshness.  Blend was created to provide a sense of stability, add energy and emotional balance,  a rational approach towards things, grounding to the here and now.  Break up old patterns of thoughts and habits. Promotes intuition, mental clarity, confidence, and will power. Diffuse, wear on a diffuser pendant or add a drop to a quart of water to aid in releasing addictions and calming stomach, especially related to overeating. Not recommended for use on the skin.

Contains:  GrapefruitLemon,  Ginger, Cinnamon Leaf, Peppermint , Vanilla

10 ml=8, $14

"I am loving this blend...in my water, in my smoothies.  Yes, it sparkles."~~~~Judy

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