Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dragon Quest


Extremely masculine blend. The epitome of the quest to save the world. Will climb mountains, fight dragons, combat evil. Filled with fantastic top notes that enable it to soar on the wings of eagles, but with intriguing base notes that bring it back to earth. Mellow middle notes that round out the blend. Runs the gamut of a complex personality. Excellent by itself as a diffused fragrance, or layered with another blend. Dilute well for any skin use. Use to anoint any of the toes.

 Contains Ho wood, rosewood, Buddha wood, linaloe, parsley seed, laurus nobilis, pepper, bergamot, spearmint, tolu balsam, honeycomb, blue tansy, basil, rosemary, coriander, oakmoss, yarrow, sea buckthorn, cardamom, clove, cypress, patchouli, rose, vetiver

10 ml=$20, $39

Stones:  Tiger Eye, Mugglestone, Magnetic Hematite

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