What IS Aromatherapy...?

 Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils in a variety of ways to help with physical or emotional states.

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic volatile substances which occur naturally within plants. 

Who uses them?  The majority are used in the food flavor and fragrance industry.  

  Historically, plant essences have been highly prized; many were more expensive than precious jewels. 

How Do They Work?

 They produce certain effects that we can count on, but can also adapt to the needs of different people.

 Their anti-microbial and antiseptic effects are undisputed.  They are not only less toxic than synthetic antibiotics but also work with the body's own natural healing.

Have you ever had a fragrance transport you back to a happy childhood memory?
Grandma's Rose Garden or Cinnamon Buns?
Remind you of a long ago love?

         The sense of smell carries a direct connection to our body chemistry. 
It is the most direct interface between the brain and the outside world. 
When we smell, the deep brain is triggered into the hormonal release   especially helpful for such emotional states as stress, anxiety and depression.

         Why does the fragrance industry still bring in many billions of dollars?    Fragrances allow us to "feel better".  If they didn't, people would not buy them.  Most commercial fragrances are made from synthetic components.  (Which still CAN elicit emotional healing.)      
  However, many people have sensitivities to the isolated chemicals and do much better with naturally occurring fragrances.
 Perception of odors can have a major impact on memory, learning, emotions, thinking and feeling.   Essential oils work similarly to tranquilizers but in a subtle organic way.

 Are you experiencing Stress or Anxiety?

Feeling Overwhelmed?

Do you want to restore or enhance health and well-being?

 Who wants an uplifted spirit and a calmer nervous system? 
Hmmm. That would be just about everyone on the planet.

 Who wouldn't embrace a pleasant, natural way to facilitate healing?  

Wouldn't you like to experience the benefits, but safely?

 There is much mis-information floating around out there.  Multi-level marketing outfits are out to sell as much as possible.  Many of these organizations promote downright dangerous practices.

Safety precautions are mandatory for anyone using essential oils, especially on the skin, as many are irritating or sensitizing as well as photo-toxic.

I want to assist you in using these wonderful gifts safely and wisely.
It is like a tuning fork to the natural world, with its balanced rhythms, that bring quality into our own song of life. 

That's my mission and message. 

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