HOW to use Essential Oils...How many drops?

(These are taken from The Aromatherapy Practitioner's Manual  by Sylla Sheppard-Hanger.)


Use 15 drops of oil per ounce of carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil, olive, jojoba or other vegetable oil)  This is approximately dilution to 3%.

 (Use this massage dilution for deodorant. DO NOT EVER USE NEAT OILS AS DEODORANT.  The skin under the arms is just too sensitive.)

Topical Use  (accupressure, pressure points, feet, emotional work, Aroma Touch Technique, Raindrop Technique, or perfume)

Use 50 drops per 1 ounce (2 Tablespoons) of carrier oil--that is about 8 drops per teaspoon.   This is approximate dilution to 9%.


Neat (undiluted)

Use 1-2 drops of non-irritating oil (lavender, tea tree, rosewood, thyme linalol, ravensara or helichrysum)  on stings, pimples or fresh bruises.


Facial Mask

Add 3-5 drops to clay, yogurt or avocado.



5-7 drops in a bowl of hot water.  Or use a micro-diffuser.



3-10 drops added to water.



Add 1 Tbl. of Topical Use.  The non-irritating oils can be added directly to the bath. (5-15 drops).


Water Spray (Spritzer)

Add to 4 oz. distilled water, shake and spray.

Face=8-10 drops

Body=30-40 drops

Room=80-100 drops (1/4 oz)



4-8 drops. After shower, apply to washcloth, rub over body briskly


Flavoring Water

Add  1 drop per liter of water for flavoring. One drop of Peppermint will flavor a gallon of water.

May be added to herbal powder. (5-10 drops per ounce) and then put in capsules.

Note:  essential oils DO NOT need to be ingested or put in the mouth to work.  In fact, they work faster and better if inhaled!  Then, they go directly into the bloodstream and do not have to go through the digestive process.  Inhalation can still happen if oils are put in the mouth, but this is not recommended because of the high sensitivity of mucus membranes.

One of the best ways to use essential oils is on a terra cotta diffuser worn around the neck.  This method is safe and effective.  Here is a link to a supplier (who also offers wholesale prices).