Thursday, December 16, 2010

Point Sublime

On the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Point Sublime has expansive views of both East and West.  You can actually get an "above the clouds" view. Not visited by many, but well worth a venture off the beaten path.  This blend is quite simply "sublime".  It is creamy, mellow and transports to lofty realms.  It is unlike any other blend I have ever created.  I am still discovering its majestic and spiritual nature. Fabulous perfume.

  Contains sandalwood,  frankincense, linden,  cedar, lavender, lemon myrtle, vanilla, neroli, bergamot, tangerine,  champaca, bees wax, oakmoss, tolu 

10 ml=$42 diluted only
Made in small batches.  Limited availability.

(Photo by Judy Nelson, North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona)

Stones:  Pink Tourmaline, Silver Leaf Jasper

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