Monday, December 15, 2008


Named after the sandstone at the base of Rainbow Bridge, but is prevalent throughout the southwest. Rainbow Bridge is a revered place to the Navajos and imparts a feeling of awe and sacredness. Move past the barriers in your life…find a spiritual awareness. Forgive and get on with your life. As true with many blends, there are both physical and emotional components, here. Use as perfume, massage oil or to anoint the Ether Toe.

 Contains: lemon myrtle, melissa, rosewood, geranium, lemon, palmarosa, ylang ylang, bergamot, sandalwood, lavender, eucalyptus staigeriana, helichrysum, angelica, frankincense, lemongrass, rose

10 ml=$44 diluted only

(photo by Judy Nelson, Iceberg Canyon, Lake Powell, Utah)

Stones:  Picture Jasper, Picasso Marble, Chrysanthemum Stone

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