Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lavender Balm for Horses and People

Contains Pure High Altitude Organic French Lavender in a base of pure organic Fractionated coconut oil…25% - 75%. It has a wonderful moisturizing effect on your skin and will not go rancid.
This dilution is safe to use on equine or human skin.  It has a long term effect and does not need to be re-applied. Can be used on a terra cotta pendant around your neck for a lasting effect.  
You can further dilute it by up to another 60-70% and still retain the aromatherapy effects. Use coconut, olive oil or other suitable carrier oil.
Lavender has been shown to be a most effective product for training and calming horses.  You can use it on tack, blankets, rider's clothing or hands.  Horses have an extremely acute sense of smell.. Rub some on your hands, let horse smell it from about 6 inches away, then rub the horse's muzzle, avoiding mouth and nostrils. Your horse may even try licking or tasting it.  This is ok in this dilution.
You will probably see the horse begin to relax, eyes will get soft and blink easily,  taking deeper, slower breaths which aid in getting more oxygen. Remember to concentrate on your own breathing, too.
Use every day before riding or training and when your horse is engaged in stressful situations such as transport, vet visits or attending shows or clinics.  Or use as a reward when a training task has been accomplished.

1 oz. plastic bottle with pop out top for ease of application.  I like this so I don't have to worry about unscrewing a lid and dropping it when dealing with a horse.  Reasonably priced at $13.  Add $4 for shipping, one bottle. $5 for shipping up to 5 bottles.

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